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Peugeot - Advergame
Peugeot - 308 Facebook Game

Make the marketing buzz to bring alive the Peugeot GTI myth

More than 25 years after the 205 GTi, the carmaker Peugeot revives the name to launch its 308 GTi.

To support this sedan of a new era, Serious Factory has developed an advergame that allows the user to experience the 308 GTi sensations on the racetrack.

Accessible through Facebook, the application attracted over 50,000 users in just 15 days.

Emarketing Award Nominee

«This dynamic game perfectly highlights the power of the 308 GTi car, very popular amongst our target. Thanks to the game, our communication was very powerful and efficent. Our clients and prospects were able to experiment the revisited myth of the GTI» Nicolas OLLAND, Peugeot product manager.