3D Space Configurator
How to demonstrate the suitability of its products by incorporating them into a realistic representation of the client area?
Serious Factory customer
Renault - car showroom configurator
Renault - 3D Space Configurator

Ensure consistency within the global network visual

Renault used the software 3D Space Configurator ™ to train all dealership managers of the global network to respect the identity and merchandising while increasing their ability to show vehicle.
Serious Factory integrated the whole catalog of furniture, architectural elements and models of car to this space configurator to be more faithful to the reality of Renault dealerships.
It deals for Renault with a new but playful and educational training tool that allows testing in less than 10 minutes a new development that respects business rules.

« Thanks to RVA Showroom Configurator, we can now train our network to the good practices in planning of their showrooms, and that easily ensure the application of our graphic around the world, to communicate on the right products at right time. This software, already used in several European countries since late 2010, will also allow us to optimize our retail stores in a very short time, while improving the visual identity of our car showrooms in a coordinated way with the deployment of our brand new signature : RENAULT, Drive the change » Etienne Henry, Architect and Business development Chief for the networks of the Renault group.