About us

It is no coincidence that large international companies continue to trust Serious Factory year after year. Our consistent commitment to our customers enable them to strive for excellence and significantly contributes to their success.

Since its launch in 2007, Serious Factory has sold and implemented software and applications that enhance the operational effectiveness of customer service representatives, from presales to support. By offering an outside-the-box learning and demonstration experience, our solutions rapidly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales meetings.

In collaboration with leading experts in their fields, from aerospace to medical sectors, Serious Factory develops immersive 3D worlds with scenarios that are instructive, technical and strongly user-focused. At the corporate level, the SaaS model allows us to offer all employees content in line with company strategy and which ensures a high return on investment.

Founded in France, Serious Factory operates globally through a network of partner resellers in Europe, Asia and North America. Together, we assist organizational transformation by helping each employee reach their full potential.

Meet our Management Team

  • William Pérès - CEO and co-founder

Aerospace engineer (ESTACA), William has over 15 years experience in the areas of 3D software and e-commerce. He has held positions of director of business development and marketing and communications director for world leaders in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software in France and abroad.
Present since the first software for conceiving virtual showrooms in real-time 3D for professionals, William is a true visionary. He is particularly known for his ability to implement digital solutions to service customer relationships.

  • Pierre Susset - Technical Director and co-founder

Specialist in interactive 3D applications (LISAA Paris) and winner of the first “3D Cube” competition in 2004, Pierre began his career in 2006, founding his video game company. After a first joint design project for virtual space in real time 3D, he joined William Peres in 2007 in co-founding Serious Factory.
A true guru of interactive applications, Pierre is passionate about virtual reality. Always in search of technological innovations, he is constantly inventing new digital concepts and guiding the R&D of Serious Factory towards a systematic consideration of the user experience in the digital solutions proposed to our customers.

  • Jean-Marc Dimicoli - COO

A robotics and software engineer, Jean-Marc began his career as a consultant and expert in managing transformation projects to client deployment strategies in distribution networks.
Expert in strategic and operational marketing, multichannel management, the evolution of FrontOffice and use of direct channels, he subsequently held positions as vice president, partner and managing director in large international groups.
In 2009, Jean-Marc joined Serious Factory where he is in charge of business development for the company in the EMEA region.

  • Philippe Claulin - Artistic Director

A graduate of the School of Visual Communication in Paris, Philippe has over 15 years experience as Art Director in renowned communication agencies, where he participated in many creative projects for large international groups.
He joined Serious Factory in 2012 to turn his dream into reality. Now, Serious Factory digital solutions will not only be more efficient and useful, but also ergonomic and aesthetic!

  • Christian Gayton - Digital Learning Director

Self-taught entrepreneur, Christian has over 26 years experience in the vocational training sector, where he designed multimedia in the early 1990s before creating his own company, Digital Learning. A visionary keen on educational innovation, he has assisted many major accounts in France and abroad.
In 2014, he joined Serious Factory to develop the Digital Learning division. With his expertise in instructional methods in engineering and technology, his mission at Serious Factory is to accelerate the digital transformation of business training programs.