Virtual space

Renew its brand image

Bottin Cartographe, tailor mapping specialist, interactive maps in print, web and mobile, wanted to increase its differentiation strategy through innovative and multi-channel communication tools for the launch of new website.

Serious Factory proposed them to use the platform of virtual spaces Showroom Studio to include all their marketing materials. This virtual space has been complemented by a 3D animation of marketed products.

This application was really liked and is now used by sales rep to introduce the company.

“To support the overhaul design of our website and visual identity of Bottin Carto, we wanted to introduce our wide range of mapping solutions in a didactic, interactive and alive way. Thanks to our showroom in 3D we give a concrete aspect to our offering and can at any time adjust the space according to a product launch or a targeted promotion. Very flexible the management tool allows you to work reactively and autonomously to update our showroom throughout the year and generate qualified “ Dorothée MANI, Head of Marketing and Communications at Bottin Carto

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