Serious Games
How to increase adherence and effectiveness of training provided in companies?

Interactive training for total efficiency …

Train, educate, assess and lead teams is not as simple as it seems. The level of requirements in the relevance and effectiveness of a training program rises constantly. Time of formal or academic education messages are gone too.

Capitalizing on the intuitiveness of video games, serious games are training tools complementary to traditional programs and their success helds in their immersive and fun dimension.

The learner is in control of his learning path. Messages are tested progressively and the game is built around knowledge.

The key steps in the creation of a Serious Game :

The aim is not to make “one-shot”, but really create a sustainable and mainly experienced tool for training in class or online.

Here are some tips to carry out a project of Serious Game. Serious Factory will obviously follow each of these steps.

  • definition of clear and measurable objectives
  • accurate identification of targets to reach
  • adaptation of game play to the issue, target and budget
  • thinking on a appropriate business model (mobile, tablet, in class or online or local connected, update ….)

Etapes clés pour la création d'un serious game


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