An innovative industry at the forefront of technology

Aerospace and Defense are the top exporting industries in France. They are constantly innovating to offer the most modern products and systems.

The top industry players — Dassault Aviation, EADS and Eurocopter — have undergone major changes in recent years in response to current market challenges:

–    Improving standards for performance and quality of deliverables
–    Penetration of new markets
–    Attraction of top industry talent, etc.

How do companies meet these challenges and remain strong in a competitive international market?

A need for qualified training

The Aerospace industry brings together a wide range of technical and skilled professions — ground operations, maintenance, civil aviation, etc. In addition, its products are increasingly complex and the need for qualified training is on the rise. It is also more important than ever to standardize skills in the context of decentralized development functions and geographically dispersed teams. Therefore, 3D simulation is an essential solution for higher quality training and stronger sales performance.

From prototypes to 3D visualization

Business jets, helicopters and rockets involve very complex purchasing processes. New solutions have been developed in order to avoid the high costs of prototyping and to accelerate iterations with the client. New tools to define interior arrangement specifications using hyper-realistic images demonstrate the power of 3D visualization. These tools facilitate decisions on layouts and options in sales situations.

Responding to the needs of the Aerospace industry, Serious Factory has worked on innovations that have changed the way products are presented in sales scenarios. The Falcon Configurator was created in collaboration with Dassault Aviation for the virtual configuration of airplane interiors.

The Falcon Configurator is designed to be a sales tool and allows business opportunities to materialize in real time, during the same appointment, displaying all requests made ​​by the prospect. Through the amazing realism offered by 3D, the software allows total immersion in a real-time tour of the entire configured aircraft.

The quality of virtual images is so close to reality that clients can envision themselves in their future aircraft.




"With the FALCON Configurator, we offer our clients a virtual experience that integrates equipment choices in real-time. This sales configurator reduces the number of iterations and delivery delays."

Pascal Joyet  - Project Manager, Virtual Reality Center at Dassault Aviation