Driving change

Reliability, efficiency and innovation are the key words of the Automotive industry, which is even more competitive in the context of the current economic crisis. The industry must take into particular account the emergence of new international markets and adapt their production, distribution and development strategies.

Automakers must also deal with increasingly demanding clients who have increasing concerns for the environment and expectations in terms of products and related services.

How does a company anticipate new market dynamics and respond to consumer demand?

Serious games manage resources better

In the Automotive sector, regulations are fluid and evolve with the target markets. Additionally, new technologies and innovations must be anticipated and integrated into the automobile production chain. In this context, resource management (securing talent, recruiting employees with key skills, training in new techniques and products, etc.) becomes a major issue.

With the increasing sophistication of vehicles requiring new components and creating new risks, innovative training methods have emerged. More and more manufacturers are using serious games to train both mechanics and body shop technicians on new vehicle models.

Given the complexity of setting up face-to-face meetings for sales forces dispersed across various sites, the challenges to training are considerable. Indeed, how does a company train a sales force of thousands across dozens of countries in several languages​​? Games are learning tools that address these issues in order to better train sales forces and increase business performance.

Impactful communication with 3D simulation

Brand identity is very important in the automotive sector. It is a constant race to compare concepts and innovative technologies and be in the limelight at expositions. With this in mind, Serious Factory developed 3D driving simulators for Renault Trucks. More than just a game, Renault Trucks’ EcoFuel Driving simulator also helps to teach efficient driving behavior.



"Falcon Configurator joins Serious Factory's line of real-time 3D software that opens new horizons in client relations with more interactivity, responsiveness and customization."

Pascal JOYET  - Project Manager, Virtual Reality Center, Dassault Aviation