Banking & Insurance

From regulation to new strategic directions

Industries are beginning to converge and evolve as the market changes and innovates. Some build lasting relationships with their customers, while others simply provide products and services. This is a typical problem in the ​​Banking and Insurance sector.

Digital mutation, new entrants to the market, new regulations — the traditional Banking and Insurance market must transform in order to attract new customers and improve customer relations. Talent management in this complex environment requires training aimed at practical, operational acquisition of banking skills, along with the deepening of knowledge and a spirit of openness. Appropriate training tools must be put in place to address these challenges.

Towards personalized offers

Customer advisers become more than just vendors. They must propose a solution to a problem, not just a product. Their objective should be to place the customer at the center and find solutions for new lifestyles. While this is an obvious feature of personalized banking and insurance products, there is actually much more involved.

Customers come to expect support in the event of a disaster or “banking dispute”, especially in mature markets. But are advisers sufficiently prepared to handle the new needs of customers?

Better advice with 3D simulation

3D simulation is seen as a relevant way to train customer advisers for dealing with specific customer profiles. Avatars play the role of an unfamiliar client.

In addition to face-to-face training (always necessary!), e-learning modules can provide information on new regulations and training on new customer needs.

Training and regularly updating employee knowledge is the key to success for improving client relations. This is the real added value in reducing traditional training costs and retaining more customers!