Scalable and structured construction

The construction sector is experiencing strong disruption and is evolving based on multiple factors:

–    Compliance with environmental standards
–    Space and urban planning constraints
–    Compliance with safety standards
–    New materials and technologies, etc.

Institutional clients and individuals are also seeking more structured deals. Thus, construction companies must be able to develop relevant offerings while adapting their skills and organization to meet market requirements.

Innovation with 3D virtualization

In the construction industry, the diversity of activities, products and solutions can obscure offers. Serious Factory offers businesses an innovative way to present their different skills through 3D virtualization. With our expertise in immersive simulators, for example, we created ​​an entire virtual city for Colas in real-time 3D to depict all the group’s activities across 14 urban development zones.

Being aware of environmental issues

In recent years, the search for quality is more related to environmental concerns, such as energy savings, sustainable development, waste management, etc. This has changed the nature of projects and also the means to realize them. But have all employees assimilated these changes? In Virtual Training Suite™, Serious Factory already incorporates these issues in an effort to raise awareness about environmental standards.

Serious games for construction site safety

Another major concern for construction companies: on site safety. Controlling standards, integrating quality, safety and environmental concepts require substantial instructional effort.

Serious Factory has worked with the region of Hong Kong on a serious game to improve safety and incident response for workers on construction sites. Working at Height Training instructs workers on correct safety procedures. This goal of the project was to produce “zero accident” worksites.



"We wanted to find an original way to attract people to our stand at the Commercial Vehicles International Trade Show in Hanover, so we developed a game to simulate driving in truck races. As a result, over 16,000 people came to play at our stand.”

Franck Nallet  - Digital Manager at Renault Trucks