A challenge for growth and the environment

In tough economic times, environmental issues are the center of the debate and are a challenge to growth. The transition to a “green and fair” economy plays equally well in terms of new energy technologies and upgrading aging infrastructure.

Prevent crises with 3D simulation

Given the complexity of energy facilities, businesses need to be prepared to face all types of crises — such as managing an emergency on an oil rig or a hazardous chemical spill.

The use of 3D simulation games can mitigate the risk of ecological disasters by simulating emergency response measures. They are particularly effective in creating entertaining and educational training sessions on emergency measures employees should take in case of accidents.

Utilizing serious games, Serious Factory confronts employees with various realistic risk scenarios, which enhances understanding and leads to better assimilation of preventative behaviors.

Gamification for increasing energy savings

Gamification’s contributions to the energy sector are undeniable regarding raising consumer awareness about how to reduce energy costs, whether in daily life or at work. From a business standpoint, games also increase customer loyalty and acquisition in an energy market that is increasingly competitive. Overall, the game has a clear advantage: delivering a message in a fun way without lecturing!