Creating a unique customer experience

In luxury, service is essential in the quest to conquer new markets, increase customer satisfaction (there is even talk of enchantment) and customer loyalty. And at a time when each brand seeks to differentiate itself, each employee must be able to create a unique and memorable experience for every customer.

Seth Godin describes luxury products as being needlessly expensive and refined, but allows the consumer to be part of a tribe or make a personal memory. This perfectly sums up the needs of customers and speaks to the challenges of an ever-flourishing industry.

Digital Learning for your human capital

Whether training for essential skills (expertise), behavior (soft skills), or raising awareness of aesthetic factors, Digital Learning addresses all, with the ability to standardize teaching approaches and individualize training while keeping brand strategy in mind.

Applying luxury codes to serious games

Companies in luxury industries, along with their diverse field of professionals, must quickly adapt to market trends and the changing needs of their customers. What if there were a game designed to help them do just that?

Replicating this environment (retail space, commercial offers, diversity of clientele, internal rules, etc.) in the real world, while possible, is extremely expensive. 3D Virtualization offers many advantages:

– Immersion in a true reproduction (and evolution) of the environment

– Simplified updates to commercial offers (new collections, new services, etc.) in more realistic scenarios

– Simulation of any type of customer profile

– Facilitated localization (internationalization)

– Individualized training