Retail & Distribution

Innovating and improving operational excellence

In an environment where the passive consumer has morphed into the “pro-sumer”, the world of retail must meet new challenges. For example:

– Digitizing points of sale

– Accelerating integration of vendors and managers

– Innovating to create a true ‘customer experience’

– Knowing customers and providing them the right products and offers

To improve performance and operational excellence, each point of sale must constantly innovate to attract consumers.

Putting the client back at the center

Faced with customer expectations rising faster than the ability of distributors to respond and a necessary integration of new internal processes, retail chains must synchronize customer data and ensure the quality of any business proposition throughout the customer journey. But how does a company provide this data to the sales force and support change to encourage them to consider new customer recommendations?

In addition to training the sales force, Serious Factory software solutions enable the integration of market evolution (new customer demands, new sales approaches, new offers, etc.) proven by its ability to add and/or develop simulated scenarios. Virtual Training Suite™ is a true teaching tool providing an ultra-realistic dimension where customers, too long neglected or addressed in mass, regain their rightful place.

Creating a true customer experience

The relationship with the seller remains essential in facilitating the purchasing process. But to compete with the rise of e-commerce, retailers must now create a true experience for the customer. Used effectively, digital technologies provide this framework in value-added service customization. If your products are complex or face intense competition, innovative tools can assist stores in reaching out to customers and facilitating their use.

Recreating a universe with 3D virtualization and integrating the products involved in creating memorable experiences — this is how Serious Factory helps businesses to facilitate the purchasing process with supportive sales tools. As a specialist in 3D simulation, Serious Factory proposes transforming the customer experience using virtual 3D configuration. Configurators recreate a universe in which brands can incorporate their products to add value.