Successful client service

The Telecommunications sector is undergoing deep changes. There is a convergence of market and consumer expectations, innovation in technology, multimedia, telephones and internet, all accompanied by new regulations. The industry must adapt quickly to all these factors.

Companies must guarantee exemplary customer service in light of heightened expectations and increased awareness. Consumers and businesses are more connected and informed on pricing, service quality, innovations and offerings.

Demanding continuous training

Industry players must continually innovate and renew their product offerings, packages and services to meet the requirements of these demands. Providing continuing education focused on those with direct client relations has become essential to ensure that technical support, quality relationships and communications are all in line with the brand’s values​​.

Additionally, sales forces and employees of call centers and maintenance services must adapt their speech and sales pitches for different types and behaviors of customers who are informed by the competition, the web and consumer sites.

A perfect assimilation of these techniques and relational issues is essential to ensure better management of applications in the field, reverse consumer dissatisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Higher quality training with simulators

At Serious Factory, we focus on the benefits and value that virtual applications can provide in the mastery and assimilation of skills training received by those in customer relationship roles. We have developed a complete solution for conceptual training before implementation in the field.

Our simulators, based on our Virtual Training Suite™ platform, are effective operational solutions for assimilating and validating situational knowledge. They help achieve quantitative and qualitative objectives in transforming the customer relationship, particularly in Telecommunications.