3D software, training, gamification: 2014 Serious Factory 3D Innov’Time events

Serious Factory will set up in 2014 a series of breakfast sessions about 3D software, training and gamification. Customers operational excellence has always been the motto of 3D specialist. And these events are a way to share experience and present Serious Factory innovation and new digital solutions. Save the date!




Check out the agenda (sessions are in French):

3D software breakfast:  Projection and immersion for service business performance
2014, 23rd January at 9:00 am
3D Space and Product Configurator™: Digital customers are now greedy for online content and through mobile devices, at breakneck speeds. With 3D software, enhance buying experience thanks to a better visualization of any kind of product and improve your salesmen business potential.


Training event: Educate your employees for a better
2014, 13rd February at 9:00 am
Virtual Training Suite™: Here is a new training software solution, based on serious games for sales personnel in direct contact with customers.


3D software event: Promote your products in an innovative way, federate your partners…
2014, 20th March at 9:00 am
3D Virtual Tradeshow™: The 3DVT interactive platform is an innovative tool which allows you to introduce online your know-how and establish a connection between you and your clients, partners, members or employees.


Gamification event: inform, educate and promote
2014, 24th April at 9:00 am
Gamification, an odd word that hides beneath a lot of benefits…Focus on all notions about gamification: casual gaming, gameplay, serious game, advergame, and so on.

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As breakfasts are mainly set up for French-speaking people, we can manage specific dates for English-speaking people. Do not hesitate to tell us!

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