Energize your training sessions with 3D simulation and serious games!

Serious games: innovative training tools

Today, companies are aware and have learned the benefits of serious games (software combining “serious” goals – educational, informative, communicative, marketing, ideological or training – with fun resources). Usage is increasing, encouraged by the many benefits of serious games applied to vocational training:

– Better training and learning throughout the training process

– Optimizing face-to-face interactions and training budgets

– Replication and variation of objectives and scenarios depending on market developments


Blended Learning for dynamic training

The proven concepts of e-learning and serious games are increasingly used in training programs. Moreover, 68% of companies already rely on a Blended Learning system, which combines face-to-face scenarios with distance learning (CSP Fēfaur and Training, January 2014).

A portion of training interaction is and will remain rooted in customary practices, but the adoption of innovative methods made possible by serious games is increasing. This can be seen particularly in dynamic animation of trainer/learner interactions placing the trainer inside the module.