Marketing & Communications

Good communication, a complex science

With the emergence of digital media as an industry in itself, communication opportunities have multiplied. However, it is still essential to address the right targets at the right time with the right message!

Effectively transforming communication

Communication techniques are constantly evolving and now involve all company employees. Formulating impactful communications requires a mastery of the different channels and an appropriate message for each target. So how does a company set up a marketing or media plan with an effective cross-channel strategy tailored to a client’s goals? An e-Learning module can be adapted to instruct and train ambassadors of the brand on best practices in Marketing and Communications.

Necessary internal awareness

Mastering new communication codes is very important, especially in the age of the Internet and social networks. Indeed, 86% of users are present on at least one social network (IFOP study, 2013). Contributors may need support across many themes, which can be addressed through Digital Learning modules, such as:

– Being vigilant on social networks

– Managing interpersonal relationships in business

– Good communication with employees