Customer Relations

Improving customer relations is essential 

More than half of the French population is dissatisfied with their relationships with brands (according to consultancy firm Accenture, 2014.) In competitive markets where products and services are valued in terms of quality, differentiation is centered around experience with the brand. All interactions with consumers are opportunities to build a positive image of the brand in their minds. Therefore, efficient training of staff in direct contact with customers (sales, service, consultants, etc.) is essential for the growth of a business, and sometimes even its survival!

Delivering customer requests in real time

The success of a sale often depends on preparation. A product or space configurator with a user friendly and intuitive interface facilitates initiating a product sales scenario. 3D virtual configuration improves the customer experience by integrating products directly into their environment, such as medical equipment in an operating room, exhibition booth material, etc.

Promote decision making to reduce the sales cycle

Product and space configurators allow for a more personalized approach to each customer. With 3D rendering, complex products are more easily visualized and used, which facilitates the sales process. Interest in using virtual configuration as a sales tool has grown due to the numerous benefits:

– Improving the quality of interactions with the immersive experience

– Reduced cost for development and optimization of spaces

– Accelerating iterations with customers and the decision-making processes

– Ensuring consistency from customer requests to final results

– Real-time optimization of locations with business requirements and statistical tools