Effectively training a sales force

Developing salespeople and their managers is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Indeed, traditional training has been limited by its costliness, infrequency of availability, inconsistency and the participation of trainees. Fortunately, innovative training tools are now available to better train sales forces and to ensure the acquisition of skills on an ongoing basis: serious games and immersive 3D simulators.

Developing the sales game 

Serious games are increasingly taking the lead in coaching and training an effective sales force. They facilitate the assimilation of skills by creating intelligent virtual agents in situations identical to reality. Sales forces are, as in real life, facing a customer expressing either their needs or dissatisfaction.

Boosting sales

Consumer behavior, the competitive landscape and commercial offers are constantly changing. The 3D training simulator easily integrates these market evolutions and ensures:

– Better assimilation of knowledge

– Development and strengthening of skills over the long term

– Effective and relevant training in near real life situations.

This innovative method supports sales forces, training them to implement practices in the field. Deployed as an extension of face-to-face sessions, this solution is real leverage for supporting the business and increasing sales!