Risk Management & Safety

3D simulation and games for safety

Serious games have a real role to play in better avoiding hazards and improving the skills of trainees. This type of game is particularly effective in increasing employee awareness in risk management and teaching emergency measures to be taken in case of accidents, without stress.

To entertain and anticipate

“In terms of safety, it is impossible to prepare employees for all scenarios!” 3D simulation easily takes the place of reality. Instructors can increase the realism of the application by integrating disaster scenarios, such as breakdowns, exceptional weather conditions, etc., to prepare a trainee for unexpected situations. The term “prevention is better than a cure” takes on new meaning!

Best practices at play

Serious games are the front line in addressing issues of safety and training:

– Better handling of equipment risk

– Improving reflexes, vigilance and protection

– Evaluation and monitoring employee progress

– Reduced training costs for the company

They also help the company effectively meet its legal obligations as an employer or safety manager.

Faced with realistic crisis situations, trainees naturally make mistakes and suffer the virtual consequences. 3D simulation contributes to sustained assimilation of knowledge and implementation of the relevant practices taught.