Increasing awareness

An educational approach to increasing awareness

Organizations face many risks internally or may have the need to educate their employees on specific topics to ensure a quality work environment. They may also wish to educate their external audiences on a subject related to their activity, promoting their values ​​and unique corporate culture.

An enjoyable method

Whether for internal or external audiences, organizations may need to communicate and raise awareness of various issues such as:

– Adopting a “green attitude”

– Raising general awareness of disability and diversity

– Protecting sensitive company data

– Preventing psychosocial risks, etc.

However, an information campaign or classical education techniques on such strategic issues are likely to be poorly received by their targets and are likely to make the company sound “preachy.” Using a fun and interactive educational device may instead impart the information/training in a constructive and rewarding manner for all.

Democratizing the educational game

Today, the primary mission for company management regarding the use of its products is raising awareness. But how does a company ensure that users feel really concerned by the issues raised? A serious game is one of the preferred solutions because it can convey a message to the player through an actual experience.