Our values

Praised by leading industry players, Serious Factory software publisher and digital and 3D software solutions dedicated to marketing, sales and training.

Serious Factory provides the technical solution but also all the support upstream and downstream to ensure investment success of its customers.

Serious Factory is at the heart of the emergence of real-time 3D as the new media for the web because it allows immersive consumer experiences, as well as communication and marketing extremely innovative and effective.

Our vision

Universal language, 3D is now essential to facilitate understanding and adherence to products, services and ideas. Whether on the Internet, mobile kiosks, users will test, manipulate, exchange, buy and form via software and interactive 3D applications rich and realistic.

Our mission

Companies need to develop tools to support the sale performance in record time because the world is not waiting. This is why Serious Factory is committed to developing software that intelligent modules are added personalization based on product lines.

At the heart of communication, application development and interactive 3D, 3D solutions developed are freed technological environments. Thus, they work just as well online, on smartphones, touch pads, websites or any other media dematerialized, which ensures our customers a continuity of their investments through a multi-media use.

Innovation : our priority

Anticipate and integrate the technology needs of the market and its customers is one of the key success factors of Serious Factory.

Strong focus on innovation and business communication, Serious Factory invests nearly 30% of its turnover in Research and Development.

Serious Factory organizes regular workshops with employees to evaluate, for a given brand, its future needs and the solutions it could offer them.

Serious Factory employees have a thorough understanding of customer needs in order to advise and accompany our best to ensure ROI expected.

International ambitions

Serious Factory is located in France but also abroad through a network of local partners that allow it to rapidly expand its development.

Serious Factory operates in Europe (Benelux, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany) but also in Asia via its trading partners Japan, China and Hong Kong.