For 58% of the French, the quality of the customer relationship now plays a key role in the act of purchasing (Ipsos - Steria, February 2014). The stakes are high: provide quality service that best meets customer needs and promotes the act of purchasing.

Boost business performance with 3D virtualization

Following market trends, Serious Factory has expanded along with the growing 3D market and now offers a range of software. With 3D product and space configurators, Serious Factory helps clients increase their operational excellence.

Accelerate the sales cycle with 3D configurators

Among the marketing tools used by the sales forces, the use of 3D shows the customer with their future purchase and accelerates sales.

Its 3D applications, such as product and space configurators, make it possible to better personalize an approach with an end customer. 3D rendering allows complex products to be more easily visualized, thus facilitating product ownership and purchase.

Many industries are already using 3D tools to support sales including the automotive, aviation and capital goods sectors.