LOGO PRODUIT 3D Product Configurator

A true sales tool, the 3D Product Configurator™ provides companies with a powerful solution for presenting and highlighting all characteristics of a range of products.

This customizable solution for virtual configuration allows visualizing, personalizing and manipulation, in an interactive and intuitive way, of any type of product (vehicles, furniture, clothing, industrial equipment, etc.). The power of real-time 3D visualization helps to identify the best possible alternative, thereby accelerating the decision making process.


– Configure and customize products according to customer specifications

– Present and animate products in detail

– Minimize time in creating variations

– Facilitate product acquisition and facilitate the purchasing process


– Reduce prototype costs

– Accelerate the iteration cycle with clients and promote quick decisions

– Ensure compliance with business requirements and product specifications

– Accelerate and increase reliability of data transmission for production



Serious Factory applications help our clients improve their skills in product design in sales and marketing. Based on multi-channel marketing and social networking, Serious Factory's 3D and virtual technologies increase customer satisfaction, sales and adds value to the brands they promote.

Stephen Au  - President of MTECH Engineering Company Ltd.