LOGO PRODUIT 3D Space ConfiguratorA realistic sales experience and support tool

A true sales tool, the 3D Space Configurator™ provides companies with a simple and effective solution for presenting their products in the real context of their future implementation in order to accelerate the decision-making process for buyers.

This customizable software for configuring virtual spaces can simulate, optimize, and visualize the development of any space (store, agency, office, warehouse, etc.) in an interactive and immersive way. The power of real-time 3D helps to identify the best possible layout and thus speeds up decision-making.

Essential for a commercial enterprise, 3D Space Configurator™ allows players to differentiate themselves through better proximity to their customers and greater responsiveness to their feedback. The mobile version of the new 3D Space Configurator™ 1.5 provides an enriched experience through real-time 3D manipulation, much more powerful than the exports of still images offered by other technologies on the market.


– Supporting sales activity

– Modelling and rapidly developing a space in 3D

– Arranging a space according to customer specifications

– Mixing different physical spaces and streamlining development expenses

– Maximizing and optimizing a space and its contents

– Displaying the balance of products in the customer environment

– Making projects faster and more tangible


– Increase the quality of interaction through immersion

– Reduce costs and optimize spatial planning

– Accelerate exchange with clients and promote quick decisions

– Ensure the balance between customer needs and demands with realization

– Optimize space according to business practices and the data for actual behavior

– Accelerate and increase reliability of data transmitted for production


"Thanks to the RVA Showroom Configurator, we can now train our network on best practices in organizing their showrooms. We can also standardize our corporate identity guide worldwide in order to introduce the right products at the right times."

Etienne Henry  - Architecture and Commercial Development Expert - Renault Group