80% decrease in attention after 10 minutes of PowerPoint presentation!

It goes without saying how important attractive content is during a training program. Finished with endless PowerPoint presentations? The time has come for innovative and effective training methods.

Professional training also faces change with the new reforms of March 5, 2014. The employee is now at the heart of its training strategy. For trainers, the job is changing with a new coaching role throughout the training process. They must also offer additional training tools for learners, especially in the context of distance education.

So how do you increase the adherence and effectiveness of business training?

Digital Learning is increasingly used by companies that want to offer more quality programs to their employees. It is very relevant during training and before and after face-to-face instruction! In its introductory phase, e-learning modules allow the learner to familiarize themselves with a topic. After training, it is a way to reactivate and validate knowledge acquired over the long term.

Focus on innovative training with Serious Factory

With the Virtual Training Suite™ software platform, Serious Factory helps companies transform their customer relations training strategy.