3D simulation tools for better training

3D simulation offers a new reality: allowing professionals to gain command of a product even before its existence.

3D simulators are increasingly practical and business and public organizations are beginning to take interest. For what purpose? Empowering the future professional to take the controls of a machine or a factory before its completion. An ideal becoming reality through 3D simulation has a certain advantage: to enhance the joining of action and perception between humans and the virtual environment.

3D simulation enhances education

Simulators are real training tools. Everything is developed so that trainees are at the heart of the process, which adapts to their needs. It is possible, for example, to adapt the difficulty of the simulation based on the behavior of the trainee. The instructor may also be present during the process to change the training in real time.

Pioneering, innovative simulation tools

Serious Factory’s expertise in the field of 3D simulation has been proven in many areas, such as industrial, medical and automotive.

For example, in the medical field, Serious Factory created the innovative ‘SCA Life’ simulation tool. This 3D simulation experience allows physicians to practice the management of ACS (acute coronary syndrome) in quasi-real conditions to acquire and successfully implement knowledge and clinical expertise. The tool incorporates unique features to date on the market of vocational training games:

– Conversational Engine

– Synthesized Speech Engine

– 3D simulated environments

Other developments have also emerged based on 3D simulation with the industrial Working at Height Training and the Renault Trucks Eco-Fuel Driving automotive serious game. In the latter, Serious Factory has proven that driving simulators can go beyond simple fun games by delivering key messages, especially in the development of “good driving habits.” The objective of promoting awareness and efficient driving behavior is perfectly fulfilled with this both immersive and educational tool.

Reinforced through realistic 3D environments, refined ergonomics and scenarios based on real cases, Digital Learning features (e-learning modules, Serious Games, etc.) bring real added value to the learning process. Serious Factory has also developed a number of virtual environments to facilitate the immersion and interactivity of its 3D simulation tools.