LOGO PRODUIT Virtual Training SuiteVirtual Training Suite, an effective tool based on serious games

Transforming companies requires rethinking traditional training methods in order to quickly and continuously improve the skills of trainees. This is why Serious Factory has created Virtual Training Suite™, a virtual training simulator to compliment and optimize traditional training and learning processes.

Inspired by serious games, this software suite enables trainees to prepare for their professional responsibilities in a concrete way. The engagingly immersive and realistic situations and cases effectively help participants perfect their skills.

Serious Factory’s innovative approach, constantly focused on ROI, was recognized by its peers and HR departments of major brands at Learn’Innov Genius 2014 by winning two awards — the BPI France and Grand Jury prizes.

An innovative approach for trainers

From the perspective of the trainer, the platform enables support for trainees through integrated animated media to monitor skills acquisition. In addition, the trainer has a control interface for course materials which can be managed via touch pad for added dynamism.

With Virtual Training Suite ™, instructors can customize the sequencing of course content to suit specific issues to be addressed and the educational and operational objectives to be achieved. They can create:

– At the outset, phases of awareness and topics to be discussed, trainee profile assessments and course mapping through which they will reinforce the message when teaching face-to-face.

– When face-to-face, interactive sequences for students in groups, subgroups or individual work; debrief together and obtain group feedback for proposed practical solutions.

– After face-to-face, allow trainees to practice implementation of what has been learned in training; remote monitoring and coaching of students to ensure practical application in the business environment.

An immersive approach encourages learning

The real-time 3D graphic environment can reproduce very realistic situations, allow virtual interaction as in real life, and dramatized in training. Potentially committed errors have no impact on the immediate reality. The virtual world allows disinhibition and raises barriers to confrontation with others. The trainee learns in a realistic way.

Accessible, solution-oriented technology

Virtual Training Suite™ has been developed on robust and proven technologies (Unity3D, C​​#, SQL) to ensure rapid deployment on any type of media (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

The intuitive design of the interface allows the trainee to easily get started without prior training.

The trainer control interface (backoffice) allows for:

–  Access to various statistical tables and management of student progress (emails coaching, recovery, reporting, etc.)

– The controlled course of face-to-face events

A flexible and long-term solution, with no hidden costs

Virtual Training Suite™ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with development and application maintenance integrated into the budget at no extra cost. The billing approach also allows for strict budget control with no surprises, including progressive rates for larger numbers of users and separating customization vs fixed licensing cost for the engine.

A solution that integrates into complex environments

Virtual Training Suite™ has also been designed to be installed in environments without any external access. In these contexts, we provide:

– A non-resident client application (loaded in temporary memory for each use)

– The core engine is installed on an internal server of the organization’s network

A phase of technical leadership ahead of the final validation of the project is then recommended to strictly comply with security policy.


"Virtual simulation lets you convey patient care standards by providing knowledge and expertise applied in the real world and with the experience and collaboration of the technical teams at Serious Factory."

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