Serious Factory wins BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2017 in Paris, with its VTS Editor authoring software

  12 June 2018 |  La rédaction  Serious Factory's actuality

After a weekend of educational co-design with the help of its VTS Editor authoring software and business experts from BNP Paribas Personal Finance, the Serious Factory team was named winner of the International Hackathon Paris. In just two days, Serious Factory took up the challenge of designing and deploying a turnkey serious game for use on tablets by dealers in concessions. A look back at this extraordinary experience…


2 days to create a serious game, is it possible?

During this international hackathon organised in 10 cities simultaneously, the Serious Factory team embarked on the challenge of creating a real serious game in two days, on a co-design basis, with the business experts from BNP Paribas Personal Finance. The objective was to respond to a problem that has been recurring over several years: How to sell personal insurance in concessions, where the salespeople are there to sell cars and not Cetelem policies, know little about the world of insurance, and where turnover Is important in these businesses?

To face this challenge, Serious Factory offers an alternative to training courses that are traditionally dispensed face-to-face and often too expensive, too long and not adapted to change. In this context, the best alternative identified is the serious game. But you’re going to say: “Impossible in such short a time! That kind of approach is too expensive, takes too long to set up, etc.”. (See our white paper on this subject 10 myths about Immersive Learning).

But today, it is possible and Serious Factory proved it during the hackathon with its VTS Editor authoring software!


Powerful authoring software that creates serious games in record time

In order to meet the challenge of designing a serious game in a weekend, Serious Factory opted for co-design with CETELEM’s business experts to understand and conceptualise everyday sales situations. With VTS Editor authoring software, our team was able to format them quickly via an intuitive graphic editing mode. Without ever programming a single line of code, Serious Factory recreated ultra-realistic scenarios as close as possible to the BNP Paribas Personal Finance challenges.

And the result is amazing! After several successive iterations, we created a genuine behavioural sales simulator, the only one in the world able to manage random changes in the scenario in real time, including the facial expressions of the virtual interlocutors.




In this serious game, the learner questions their virtual customer to identify their needs and level of knowledge about the products. Designed to raise awareness of good practices in the customer relationship, gamified feedback indicates positive or negative scores depending on the quality of the interactions. The simulator even integrates a virtual coach who intervenes in a final debriefing to indicate areas for improvement according to the user’s experience during the game.

Serious Factory – big winner at the International Hackathon Paris!

Having caught the attention of BNP Paribas business experts and decision-makers throughout the hackathon, the immersive serious game presented to the jury was highly appreciated. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the experts who have supported us throughout this adventure and expressed their enthusiasm for VTS Editor authoring software: “This solution is essential to the training of our sales force. It renews the angle of approach to support salespeople in the continuous improvement of their skills and to give them the impetus to improve.” says Myriam HADDADOU and confirmed by Hervé ENEE “The tool is great and seems really easy to use. The potential is enormous! The possibilities for personalisation are very exciting. Finally, a new tool that responds to the challenges and issues that we have been coming up against for years.”

For its ability to produce a real playable simulation, deployed in record time and responding to the challenges of BNP, Serious Factory was named winner of this International Hackathon Paris!


Thank you to the whole Serious Factory team who participated in this challenge and to all those who designed this wonderful tool!