12 November 2018 |  La rédaction

Innovate in training to boost your sales force: video testimony PRO BTP

PRO BTP is the social protection group of the Building and Public Works sector. For PRO BTP, consulting and telephone sales are two particularly important activities. Training in sales arguments in order to develop automated prospecting is therefore a major challenge. The choice of 3D simulation with VTS Editor was made to achieve this objective: increased learner engagement, better internal attractiveness… So many exciting topics were discussed through the interview with the team of the Professional Training Department!

Innovate in the preparation of the sales force to boost sales prospecting sessions

The new Serious Game Digital Learning devices were initially deployed for the sales teams of PRO BTP and more particularly for those in direct contact with members. Indeed, for employees in contact with customers, discourse and interpersonal posture are decisive for service quality and development. These modules allow you to train without risk in front of a virtual member for :

  • Ensure that personal data protection rules are respected ;
  • Adopt the right objection reflexes.

All this in a familiar atmosphere thanks to decorations reminiscent of the Parisian offices of PRO BTP.

Realistic simulations: a new internal promotion tool


David Ayad, Nicolas Riviere and Maryse Sangarin design interactive modules to improve sales discourse during telephone sales.  

Through this interview, PRO BTP teams explain how VTS Editor has had a virtuous effect on the entire Vocational Training Department. Indeed, from an internal attractiveness point of view, the number of orders from other departments has increased significantly. Whether it is the Marketing or Sales department, everyone has in mind the possibilities offered by the tool following the training days followed. This increases the quality of the content provided and thus reduces production times for instructional designers.

From the learners’ point of view, Maryse Sangarin notes an increase in their engagement. Thanks to the gamified and interactive nature of the modules, those who saw training as constraining are now the main users!

Thanks to the authoring software VTS Editor, PRO BTP has given a new lease of life to its digital training.

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