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Authoring tool VTS Editor:
the basics in 20 minutes
with Tahir Khan

  14 January 2019 |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Learning Technologies 2019 London, is the must-attend event for Digital Learning. To prepare the ground and save time on our stand, Tahir has created a video introduction to our authoring software, VTS [...]

  9 January 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Ensuring access for all to a quality training: a reality in the age of Digital Learning

To place 2019 under the seal of immersion and interactivity in the service of the learning experience, Serious Factory will present its innovations at the Learning Technologies London 2019 on January 30 and 31. How to ensure access to quality training for those who need it most? How can we innovate [...]

  7 November 2018  |  La rédaction  Market data

Serious Factory achieved 66.5% growth in 2018 and currently Number 206 in the Frenchweb500 2018 ranking.

With a record growth of + 66.5% in the first half of 2018, Serious Factory confirms their disruptive positioning in training and continues to expand internationally. This acceleration gives Serious Factory 206th place in the "Frenchweb 500" ranking of the French Tech companies 2018 edition. Thanks [...]

  7 November 2018  |  La rédaction  Playable scenario

Halloween Serious Game: The Very Terrifying Story!

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of VTS Editor with this new experience specially designed for Halloween: Very Terrifying Story. This humorous simulation filled with cultural references & easter eggs perfectly illustrates the potential of the author software: game mechanics, [...]

  5 November 2018  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Transforming pedagogical practices: Illustration with the inverted/reversed class

Technology is transforming our uses and learning methods. New uses are now finding their place in the school. In a world where students are increasingly connected, teaching deploys new pedagogical approaches to strengthen the exchange between teachers and students, and promote personalized [...]

  23 October 2018  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Avatar rebellion: the Very Terrifying Story

23 October 2018, Serious Factory headquarters: an alert sounds. The avatar world of VTS Editor is a victim of a robotic rebellion. Rare images have been captured and it seems that 2 Machiavellian machines are at the origin of it. To be [...]