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The personalization of a serious game according to the learner

  15 April 2019 |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Serious games are more and more in vogue in the professional and educational world in this year 2019. While the benefits and advantages of this educational method are well proven, it is still difficult to create an effective serious game. Many questions arise about the magic formula for maximizing [...]

  28 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Gamification to revolutionize education !

With its impressive growth in the education market in the recent years and an expected growth from USD 450 million in 2018 to USD 1,800 million by 2023, it is clear that gamification is not only arriving, but is here to stay. With the newer generations of students, education as a whole needs to be [...]

  22 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Learn how to use VTS Editor in complete autonomy thanks to the 20 new video tutorials!

Are you about to trial VTS Editor or have you just purchased a VTS Editor annual subscription? * The “Clickable Zones”, “Countdown”, “Sequence” blocks aren't part of your daily life as a designer? Then these 20 new tutorials are for [...]

  14 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Knowledge Retention and reference points by Tahir Khan, Digital Learning Expert

Knowledge retention is a key basis for advancing in almost any situation by having knowledge at the forefront of your thoughts, knowledge that was placed there for a reason in a specific way that even if it’s not required at all moments, it’s there, ready for you to access when it [...]

  14 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

In 2019, corporate training will be done through Gamification !

While corporate training has been around for what seems like an eternity, there is a strong case to be made about its efficiency. From its cost caused by the time and transportation required, to its inefficiency due to the lack of incentives and interest by learners, it is high time that we change [...]

  20 February 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

White paper: The benefits of simulations in Digital Learning: Never the first time on….

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights how training professionals use Serious Game to develop their learners' skills and also to better engage them through immersion. The objective is to train before facing a real situation for which the learner would not be prepared. With a preface by HR [...]