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Immersive Learning White Paper: the missing link in professional training

In partnership with IL&DI, eLearning consulting firm, Serious Factory offers you its white paper: Immersive Learning, the missing link in professional training.

The Immersive Training (Immersion Learning) allows to train in a controlled and simulated environment to accelerate and enhance performance in real life. A major asset in the professional training area…

Immersive Learning for continuous and progressive training

Serious Factory has been publishing immersive simulators for its customers for several years, which promote skills development and the achievement of operational excellence. The benefits are multiple and the results are convincing:

– Real-time 3D, with humanized avatars embodying the speakers, provides access to “enhanced training”,
– Real-time 3D makes it possible to deal with what is not said in a conversation, and thus to address the 60% that is usually left out of the training,
– the use of a “generator” of situations and scenarios makes it possible to solve the problem of the rapid obsolescence of training content.

It is time to discover this white paper to move from theoretical knowledge to controlled and sustainable practice!

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White Paper: 10 myths about Immersive Learning

In Immersive Learning, some preconceived ideas have a hard life. Whether we think they are too expensive, difficult to update, too technical, or even heavy to deploy, some myths remain about the feasibility of Serious Games projects or training simulations. That’s why, here at Serious Factory, we have made it our mission to dispel all these prejudices and offer you a more up-to-date reading of Digital Learning…

In the form of Serious Games or simulation, the assumptions are the same:

“It’s too expensive”
“It’s hard to update.”
“It’s too technical”
“It’s heavy to deploy”
“It replaces the classroom”…

However, Digital Learning has evolved well and now makes it possible to create value-added projects in a short time and at a lower cost.

Serious Factory tells you how….


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