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  25 July 2019  |  Léa Renault  Digital Learning's actuality

How Digital Learning responds to the challenges of training in the distribution sector

Digital training has been gaining ground against traditional training in recent years. According to eLearning Industry, from 2001 to 2017, corporate e-learning developed by 900%. For example, in 2017, approximatively 77% of US companies used online learning. In this article, Serious Factory offers [...]

  15 April 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

The personalization of a serious game according to the learner

Serious games are more and more in vogue in the professional and educational world in this year 2019. While the benefits and advantages of this educational method are well proven, it is still difficult to create an effective serious game. Many questions arise about the magic formula for maximizing [...]

  14 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Knowledge Retention and reference points by Tahir Khan, Digital Learning Expert

Knowledge retention is a key basis for advancing in almost any situation by having knowledge at the forefront of your thoughts, knowledge that was placed there for a reason in a specific way that even if it’s not required at all moments, it’s there, ready for you to access when it [...]

  20 February 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

White paper: The benefits of simulations in Digital Learning: Never the first time on….

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights how training professionals use Serious Game to develop their learners' skills and also to better engage them through immersion. The objective is to train before facing a real situation for which the learner would not be prepared. With a preface by HR [...]

  9 January 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

Ensuring access for all to a quality training: a reality in the age of Digital Learning

To place 2019 under the seal of immersion and interactivity in the service of the learning experience, Serious Factory will present its innovations at the Learning Technologies London 2019 on January 30 and 31. How to ensure access to quality training for those who need it most? How can we innovate [...]

  6 April 2018  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

6 tips to effectively customise your Digital Learning modules using variables

Using variables in Digital Learning modules opens the possibility to personalise the learners' experiences and promote their engagement. For example: Name, age, occupation, modules already played and blocking scenarios according to their results... multiple data can then be exploited to make the [...]