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  22 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Learn how to use VTS Editor in complete autonomy thanks to the 20 new video tutorials!

Are you about to trial VTS Editor or have you just purchased a VTS Editor annual subscription? * The “Clickable Zones”, “Countdown”, “Sequence” blocks aren't part of your daily life as a designer? Then these 20 new tutorials are for [...]

  14 March 2019  |  La rédaction  Digital Learning's actuality

In 2019, corporate training will be done through Gamification !

While corporate training has been around for what seems like an eternity, there is a strong case to be made about its efficiency. From its cost caused by the time and transportation required, to its inefficiency due to the lack of incentives and interest by learners, it is high time that we change [...]

  14 January 2019  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Authoring tool VTS Editor:
the basics in 20 minutes
with Tahir Khan

Learning Technologies 2019 London, is the must-attend event for Digital Learning. To prepare the ground and save time on our stand, Tahir has created a video introduction to our authoring software, VTS [...]

  27 November 2018  |  La rédaction 


The official release of the Village by Serious Factory is an opportunity for the talents hidden on VTS Editor to prove it to us! The challenge: one month to make a Serious Game on the trial version of VTS Editor. The best devices will be highlighted and of course [...]

  7 November 2018  |  La rédaction  Playable scenario

Halloween Serious Game: The Very Terrifying Story!

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of VTS Editor with this new experience specially designed for Halloween: Very Terrifying Story. This humorous simulation filled with cultural references & easter eggs perfectly illustrates the potential of the author software: game mechanics, [...]

  23 October 2018  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

Avatar rebellion: the Very Terrifying Story

23 October 2018, Serious Factory headquarters: an alert sounds. The avatar world of VTS Editor is a victim of a robotic rebellion. Rare images have been captured and it seems that 2 Machiavellian machines are at the origin of it. To be [...]

  10 October 2018  |  La rédaction  Serious Factory's actuality

Rmsconf: 1 minute to convince a jury about the efficiency of Virtual Training Suite for your HR policy

Thanks to your support and votes, Serious Factory was a finalist for the must-see #Rmsconf! The final of the event brought together many professionals from the world of human resources around the theme: "Work or Employment, who will win? ». It was also an opportunity for Serious Factory to present [...]

  31 May 2018  |  La rédaction  VTS Editor's actuality

Virtual Training Suite 3.1: Access to Digital Learning for all and on all devices

Serious Factory organized its first event: the Immersive Learning Time, to launch the new version 3.1 of its Virtual Training Suite software suite. This conference brought together more than 120 Digital Learning professionals and provided an opportunity to demonstrate the value of a complete [...]

  6 April 2018  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

6 tips to effectively customise your Digital Learning modules using variables

Using variables in Digital Learning modules opens the possibility to personalise the learners' experiences and promote their engagement. For example: Name, age, occupation, modules already played and blocking scenarios according to their results... multiple data can then be exploited to make the [...]

  26 October 2017  |  La rédaction  Authoring Software's Actuality

A better interactivity to serve the development of competencies : The 3.0 version of VTS Editor is finally out!

Allowing users to design simulators and Serious Games in record time, Serious Factory is releasing version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software onto the Digital Learning market. This new version was created with the publisher's existing customers in mind, designed to appeal to learning [...]