Serious Factory improves the user and learning experience with version 2.3 of its VTS Editor authoring software

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Serious Factory announces the release of version 2.3 of VTS Editor, its authoring software for the design of value-added digital learning modules (e.g. serious immersive games, realistic simulations). With improved ergonomics and new advanced features (mobile exports, video recording, VTS Player application for easy deployment…), Serious Factory is improving the user and learning experience for the quick and easy design of simulators for training and practice.



Powerful, user-friendly authoring software

Used by all types of organisations, from SMEs to large international groups, VTS Editor is a unique solution that enables the simple design of realistic simulations to train, raise awareness and allow learners to practice. Because we listen to our clients, the quality of the design experience has been a priority for Serious Factory with the release of this new version.

With its new range of advanced features, its immersive backdrops and the quality of its virtual characters, VTS Editor enables designers to:

–    Improve the design of their teaching scenarios with optimised ergonomics,
–    Increase learner involvement with ever more realistic characters,
–    Facilitate and optimise deployment to mobile devices.

Thanks to its new functions and upgrades, version 2.3 confirms our vision of vocational training: the transmission of essential knowledge to everyone. It further strengthens VTS Editor’s reputation as the best solution for the creation of digital learning content.“, states William Pérès, CEO of Serious Factory.


For simple, controlled deployment

VTS Editor 2.3 improves the means of deployment to learners to support the simulation approach in training. With a clear focus on the mobile, Serious Factory offers advanced export capabilities for tablets via a brand new in-app store. The advantage is to democratise the use of simulators, making it easier for people to learn anywhere at any time and to make innovative training available to as many learners as possible.

From the designer’s point of view, the VTS Reviewer application promotes discussion with other designers or the end client, in order to review and check the content created. Another innovative and long-awaited application: the software now incorporates the “Video Recorder” option, enabling screenshots and video recordings of simulators, within VTS Editor itself.



New synthetic voices have also been added to the catalogue, with the possibility of using the additional web-service of our partner ReadSpeaker. New characters also make their appearance via increasingly realistic animations, and even more faithfully reproduced facial expressions.


Amazing performances!

With this new version of VTS Editor, Serious Factory has also focused on improving usage performance during the design of scenarios. In addition, designers can now build scenarios with thousands of blocks, without altering the manipulation of the corresponding graph…and with disconcerting speed!

VTS Editor is accessible to everyone and very popular with organisations looking for an easy-to-use tool for the creation of modules that are more fun and interactive. At no time is programming required of the educational designer. Frédéric Perlant, Technical Manager at Airbus explains it this way: “VTS Editor allows us to create serious games that are reusable and can be modified as required, without having to write a single line of code!”.

Numerous functional improvements will promote creativity and the pedagogical relevance of the simulations to create an engaging training experience that users really enjoy.


New uses are emerging, such as the flipped classroom educational strategy

This new version is also geared to new learning methods such as the flipped classroom in education, which gives new impetus to pedagogical practices. In this context, the authoring software seems particularly suited to the desire to revitalise course sessions, to work on putting lessons into practice, to promote collaboration and encourage debate around sometimes complex concepts.

Used by the teacher, VTS Editor helps to prepare personalised learning situations and more interactive contextualisation. Used by students, it helps to process and formalise knowledge and then translate it into skills and behaviours. Although it doesn’t replace face-to-face instruction, VTS Editor is the perfect complement to learning and creates an enriched and stimulating training environment for pupils, students and young adults in vocational training.

Fabrice Rio, Project Officer, Ets. Albert de Mun Paris shares his experience: “In our establishment, Albert de Mun Paris 7, I decided to implement VTS Editor along with the pedagogical team, to provide young people, on business courses and in administration management training, with an original educational method as used by large companies. I think it’s also the role of a trainer to prepare pupils to get to know forms of evaluation and training methods which they may come across during their professional careers”.




With VTS Editor 2.3, and its many new features, the democratisation of the use of serious games and other realistic scenarios in training programmes will only be accelerated.