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Serious Factory Digital Learning Solutions

By using gaming and virtual reality approaches, we achieve a breakthrough in the effectiveness of training and awareness building.

Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentations. Did you know that after only 10 minutes of a slide show, people lose up to 80% of their attention?

Typically, we integrate Digital Learning before, during, and after traditional face-to-face training. eLearning modules introduce trainees to the subject. Serious games and simulations are then used to deepen learning and increase retention of knowledge. A combination of eLearning, simulations, and games is highly effective in building permanent skills and competencies.


& Communication

Immersive eLearning modules with real life simulations for higher engagement and better knowledge retention.


Serious Game

& Simulation

Entertaining games to transform learning experience. Through simulations, learners are more likely to retain newly developed habits.


Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality techniques are proven to be highly effective for training. Learners engage through trial and error in immersive experiences that simulate daily situations.