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Gamify Training

Empower your employees, partners, and customers

using our breakthrough teaching approaches


Our Solutions

Serious Game

& Simulation

Entertaining games to transform learning experience. Through simulations, learners are more likely to retain newly developed habits.




& Communication

Immersive eLearning modules with real life simulations for higher engagement and better knowledge retention.



Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality techniques are proven to be highly effective with VR Com for training. Learners engage through trial and error in immersive experiences that simulate daily situations.


VTS Editor Authoring Tool

Quickly Design
Your Own Serious Game!

Quick to learn. Quick to use, modify, and publish.

Supported by Serious Factory eLearning experts
Discover VTS Editor
Scenarios designed by our clients
of CAC 40 deploy Serious Factory built training
Learners successfully completed modules

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What we do?

Serious Factory (SF) revolutionizes employee training through breakthrough learning approaches. 45,000 learners in over 20 countries have already completed training published with Serious Factory. Subject matter experts engineer their training program in collaboration with our eLearning, serious game, and VR consultants.

Our primary product is the Virtual Training Suite (VTS) Editor Authoring Tool. It is easy for non-technical authors to quickly publish training when using gaming and Virtual Reality techniques.
Typically, it is our customers’ employees who will take the individualized training wherever they are, whenever they have the time. Many of our customers supply these training modules to their partners and customers as well.

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