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Immersive Learning & Virtual Reality

The missing link in most training methods today– Immersive Learning–allows learners to repeatedly practice theoretical knowledge in
safe imitations of realistic scenarios, thus building inbred competencies.

Thanks to virtual reality (VR), people can “learn by doing” without any real consequences. Mistakes are an integral part of the learning process.

VR is particularly useful for practicing in a risk-free environment how to handle perilous situations (such as operating dangerous equipment, conducting a medical procedure, or, dealing with a difficult client). Learners develop competencies in complete serenity, prior to facing a similar situation in real life.

Our pedagogical and VR technical experts use our tools and work with our clients to publish their unique versions of Immersive Learning & Virtual Reality training. Here are a few examples.

Train efficiently thanks to virtual reality helmet


Develop the Dacia brand thanks to immersive experiences


Logo Janssen

Raise awareness regarding Schizophrenia


Logo ORT

Train optician students thanks to virtual reality