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Immersive Learning White Paper: the missing link in professional training

In partnership with IL&DI, eLearning consulting firm, Serious Factory offers you its white paper: Immersive Learning, the missing link in professional training.

The Immersive Training (Immersion Learning) allows to train in a controlled and simulated environment to accelerate and enhance performance in real life. A major asset in the professional training area…

The Immersive Learning for a progressive and evolving training

For several years now, Serious Factory has been editing immersive simulators for its clients, which favor skills growth and achieving operational excellence. The benefits are numerous, and the results convincing:

– Real-time 3D, with incarnation of protagonists through humanized avatars, gives access to an “augmented training”;
– Real-time 3D allows to handle the unsaid in conversations, and thus address the 60% usually left out of trainings;
– The use of a “generator” of situations and scenarios enables to solve the problem of training content’s rapid obsolescence.

It’s time to discover this white paper to go from theoretical knowledge to a mastered and sustainable practice!

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